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Remember to Always Think Twice - Art Post

I loved this fic from the first time I read it, so when I saw that it was up for grabs in the quickybang I knew I wanted to make something for it.

Fic title: Remember to Always Think Twice

Made for: AmyPond45
Rating: PG13

Summary: Some things get left until the work gets done. This is one of those things. Set just after the finale, in Heaven.

Go read the story and leave the amazing author some love. AO3
J2 as DorA

Rhythm of Love

Author: Blackrose_17
Summary: And the summary: Jared Padalecki has been Jensen Ackles kitty from the moment he laid eyes on him dancing now Jensen needs to convince Jared he wants more than Jared being his private dancer.
Jensen just never expected Chad of all people to play an important part.

Main art piece:

2nd art piece:

Read story at: AO3
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Path of the Dragon

This art was created for the SPN Reverse Bang and was made into a wonderful story by the fabulous tyrsibs (twiceshy) making me one super lucky artist.

Story Summary:
“Every seeker approaches the father on his or her own path.” Trust a reaper to take that piece of advice as unbreakable law.
In which Sam and Dean run an errand for the reapers, in order to help Jack with his mission to take out Chuck. It's just a quick trip to Purgatory to find a dragon's lair. What could go wrong? Set in between "Galaxy Brain" and "Destiny's Child".

Main art:


Read story at: Livejournal / AO3
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A Covert Casanova

This piece was created for the spnj2event here on live journal.

I have lots of fun making this so I hope everyone enjoys this and all the other art and fiction coming out of this lovely event.

The idea here is a sort of secret admirer trope.

It's not a fic but if it was the summary would go something like this:

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J2 as DorA

Worth the Wait - J2 Reverse Bang

Title: Worth the Wait
Artist: tx_devilorangel
Author: jillmariej
Word count: 15600
Rating: R

Summary: A desperate man climbs in the back of Jensen's SUV confusing it with his Uber. Thinking it would make a funny story, Jensen drives the man and it changes his life forever.

I was super lucky and had a wonderful author, jillmariej, claim my prompt and turn in into an amazing love story. Please go read it here on AO3

Orginial art prompt:

Jack's drawing-

J2 as DorA

Sun Of A Beach for J2 Reverse Bang

Title: Sun Of A Beach
Artist: tx_devilorangel
Author: ncdover1285
Beta: klove0511
Other Pairing(if applicable): Jared/Gen, Jensen/Daneel
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Spoilers: Talk of the show ending, sad boys, emotional boys, no crying because they might as well be Winchesters, understanding wives
Summary: The guys are winding down after the show wraps. Emotions and alcohol lead to feelings being expressed that both were unable or unwilling to show before with such a long friendship at stake. Will it cause problems between the guys or will it lead to something that they can hold onto as they finish one stage of their acting careers and start another?

Story: Ao3
Art: Live Journal | Ao3

I was super lucky to have ncdover1285, a very talented writer, claim it and create a beautiful story from it.

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