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To Be Yours Just Once - Art Post

Title: To Be Yours Just Once
Artist: tx_devilorangel
Author: Vexed Wench
Other Pairing(if applicable): N/A
Rating: Mature
Warnings/Spoilers: Temporarialy Female Sam
Summary: Sam found an old spell that allowed him to have the one thing he wanted more than anything.

Art: Ao3
Story:   Ao3

Two Hunters and A Baby - Art Post

Title: Two Hunters and a Baby

Author: Vexed Wench

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Summary: Sam and Dean's night alone in the bunker is interrupted by Crowley needing an interesting favor.
Link to Fic: AO3

Seven Rows of Seven - Art Post

Title: Seven Rows of Seven

Author: smalltrolven

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Rating: NC-17

Wordcount: 20,196

Warnings: None
Summary: AU set after 6.09 “Clap Your Hands If You Believe…” Soulless Sam reconsiders the leprechaun’s offer to retrieve his soul from the Cage. As they leave Elwood, Indiana behind them, he reads the fairy spell book in the car and weighs the pros and cons of giving up the freedom of being without a soul. Sam’s soul is retrieved, at the cost of a boon owed the leprechaun, but when the memories of hell assault and overwhelm him, Dean recalls the leprechaun and gives up his own boon to fix Sam. The payment of these boons cause changes to the brother’s relationship that have been a lifetime in the making.

Link to fic: LiveJournal / AO3

The leprechaun’s green coat with 49 shiny silver buttons.
(Which is where the title comes from: Seven Rows of Seven)

"Oberon calmly waves a hand and she is instantly miniaturized and captured in a glass globe.
He hands it over to Sam, “Ráth is yours now, do with her what you will, Samuel"

Title: There's Something About Dean Lately
Author: Annie46
Pairing: Wincest
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Mary wasn't Amara's only gift to Dean
Story: Live Journal | Tumblr | Ao3

"He was smothering himself in cologne and spiking his hair when there was a knock on his door. He opened it up to see a huge bunch of roses and a massive box of chocolates."

Original art:

SPN Reverse Bang Art Post

I was lucky enough to have this prompt claimed by the super talented theymp who did a magnificent job with the story.

Seriously, go read it at AO3 or here on LJ.

About the story:

Title: Dean's Dog Days and Dogmares

Author: TheYmp


Dean is worried; Sam's missing and the town's overrun with stray dogs. He's sure these things are somehow connected and time is running out, but the unconditional love of a faithful companion is bringing up some issues.

Now for the art...


Story by:  StorySpinner70
Read Here:
LiveJournal or Archive of Our Own


Chapter Dividers/Separators:

SPN Reverse Bang

Sigh of relief! My art was claimed!! #happydance!

2016 - Big Bang Art Post

Story by: RiverSongTam
Read it here: AO3
Follow RiverSongTam on tumblr

Alternate Art piece
Prompt Number: E3012

Orginial prompt: Jensen/Dean is hard working [successful] rancher. Jared/Sam is a hard working successful lawyer. They couldn't be more different so they shouldn't have anything in common but they can't stay away from each other.
**I'll leave it up to the author to determine how the Js met in the first place or how S&D reunited' (not to mention how *Dean got into ranching).

Fic Title: Back In The Saddle
Author: sunriserose1023
Fandom/Genre: SPN
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen
Rating: pending
Word Count: pending
Warnings: pending
Summary: pending

Art Link(s): LJ | tumblr (include all that apply)
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3 (include all that apply)


Back Then/Right Now

Art Title: Back Then / Right Now
Prompt Number: E3002
(Boys knew/dated each other in High School then one moved away. When reunited years later, one is widowed/divorced & has son, but they can't stop thinking about the past or each other.)
Artist: tx_devilorangel

Fic Title: Still So Much For Me To Do
Author: rockstarpeach
Fandom/Genre: RPF romance
Pairing(s): J2
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 7900
Warnings: homophobia
Summary: Jared's happy. He's been happy for as long as he can remember. When his high school sweetheart comes back into his life, he's happy. Maybe a little more than happy, but that doesn't mean Jared won't make him work for it.

Fic Links:  LJ AO3